Chefs team

The Team

It is very much a team effort at Carib Sushi.  Our owners work very closely with the whole team to ensure our reputation for consistent food quality and efficient service are upheld.  Restaurant Manager, Irene Torres and her team of floor staff pride themselves on this reputation as does Head Chef Leo and his all important team of talented chefs.


Leo Head Chef

This Head Chef is one that believes that he is only as good as his team and spends a lot of time developing their knowledge and ability. Leo says “The team is hard-working, persevering and unified. I don’t have a hard time working with them because of their willingness to learn from me and my openness to learn from them”. Leo ensures the highest standards of quality control are kept relating to the freshness of the fish, as well as the preparation and presentation of all our dishes served. Leo originally trained in one of the top Japanese Restaurants in the Philippines.

Jimwell Chef

Jimwell will make your specialty rolls and salad that not only look amazing but taste amazing too. Jimwell likes to encourage customers to try something new from the menu and always welcomes people to come and watch at the sushi bar.

Danny Chef

When you order your crispy rolls Danny is the one in charge of and he makes them with love and pride. Consistently good and each time prepared and served to perfection always leaving you wanting more.

Jose Chef

If you order from the cooked ‘Kitchen Menu’ section Jose is the Chef behind the preparation and serving of your chosen dishes – always with pride. All served freshly cooked and using fresh ingredients.